Control panel with switches mc37v


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September 6, 2014

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Part: 6061069_POST_2019_NO_BLACK_BOX

Category: Controls

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Part Description

Control panel with switches mc37v

Additional Information

This unit has had 3 different control. 6061069_before_2019 6061069_post_2019_no_black_box and 6061069_post_2019_with_black_box

On the back of every unit, there is a silver sticker that has the manufacturer date, and the product model #.

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3,100 CFM 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler

Owner's Manual (General)

Owner's Manual (General)


Part No & DescriptionPrice
6061069_POST_2019_NO_BLACK_BOX - Control panel with switches mc37v. More info $76.89
6091054 - Switch oscillation. More info $42.38
6091055 - Switch main on/off. More info $42.38
6061069_BEFORE_2019 - Control panel with switches. More info
6061069_POST_2019_WITH_BLACK_BOX - Control panel with switches. More info $50.88


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CVR6037 - Cover. More info $92.40


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6037076 - Fill door all mc37 models. More info $42.38

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6037051 - Motor made 2019 and before. More info $154.80
6375100 - Motor units made 2020 and after. More info $154.80
6375700 - Oscillator motor m and v models. More info $43.11
6037072 - Motor bracket. More info $64.97
6037057 - Oscillation motor. More info $74.88

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6036050 - Pump. More info $74.88
CP370 - Pad media set. More info $132.00
6366100 - Mc37/m150 3100 cfm. More info $67.38


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6037067 - Water distributor(drip tray) pre 2020. More info $32.97

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T812 - Cutting board 8 x12 inch. More info $4.99

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5255 - Fresh aire. More info $5.7

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